Top tips for taking your kids to water-based days out 

Speelland Beekse Bergen twins crossing the water. A great place to visit in Holland with kids.

Looking for the perfect spot to take your kids to in the heat can be a tough one, however, an aqua/wake park is always a good bet to cool them down. Through my experience working at Curve Wake Park, I know what can trouble parents and children alike when they visit the park and feel I can give a very insightful list to help you and your children get on smoother with your water-themed adventures this summer.

(This article is published in a partnership/collaboration with Curve Wake Park)

1. Bring your own towels-  Whilst some water-based activity parks do supply you with towels, you shouldn’t rely on them as if you do not have access to a towel you’ll be going home soaked. Some places also charge for towels too and they’re not always cheap, so purchasing a few towels for the family may add up.

2. Bring some spare clothes…just in case- Dry clothes can make a big difference, even with a towel, you can not completely dry your clothes. This will stop that “soggy haze” kicking in on your journeys home and will keep you safe and dry.

3. Bring water shoes or some sandals- In the heat, especially with the heatwave we just experienced, the ground can be very hot for your little one’s feet. As a lot of water parks make you remove your shoes, you sometimes have to walk around bare-footed on the piping hot ground, water shoes are a great replacement for foot protection when you’re out doing these activities.

4. Look out for height restrictions- Whilst this doesn’t apply to certain parks as there are no slides or rides, some waterparks do and a lot of them have height restrictions that may hamper your ability to have fun on your day out with the kids. It’s always best to drop the park an email or view their website for information like this.

5. Is the park family-friendly?- This one applies for more than just the rides and attractions themselves, it also includes things such as toilet facilities (especially baby changing stations) or food and drinks access on site. You may find yourself on a scavenger hunt for food if you go to a park without some packed lunch and it turns out there are no food and drink facilities.

6. Are you and your children strong swimmers?- If the answer to this question is “No” then you need to check the park has suitable safety measures in place before you go for a trip there. Check for things such as life vests and on-duty lifeguards to ensure peace of mind and safety for the whole family.

7. Check if there are on-site storage facilities- This is a big one as if there are no lockers or cloakrooms, you may be more inclined to keep your valuables at home or in the car. This can be a massive pain if you bring a camera or phone to capture some of the days magic, yet have nowhere to keep it safe away from burglars and water damage.

Hopefully, these tips have given you enough information to plan a great day out with you and your children in an enjoyable, safe and stress-free way. I understand how important family days out are and would only want anyone who visits Curve Wake Park to enjoy the time with their family to the max whilst also getting a bit wet, so go on and enjoy this summer whilst you still can with your family!

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