Top Tips for Taking a Road Trip With a Baby Twins

A mummy standing on the drive way ready to go on holiday!

Would you believe it, in my opinion, road trips and babies actually go well together. However, you don’t usually realise this until they are much older and are moaning and complaining in the back of the car. You look back and wish you’d gone on more adventures when they were small because yes, you have guessed it, it only gets harder! But remember, travelling is always a small part of the holiday so get out and get on as many adventures as you can to make memories!


twins with their mummy standing on the drive way ready to go on holiday!


 I have put together 10 tips for preparing for a road trip with a baby.


  1. You want to make sure that you have a plan set up for the whole trip, from stop overs to things to do and what to take with you. It is good to look at the route ahead at where there are cafes so everyone can have a good stretch.


  1. Try and plan the journey around the babies nap times as it will allow you to travel further without them getting agitated. If this is not possible, try and leave early morning, even as early as 5 as this way you will hit less traffic.


  1. Make sure you keep the baby bag accessible. You want to avoid dealing with diarrhoea explosions and no wipes! If the bag is buried in the boot, you have no chance!


  1. Keep plenty of toys to hand so that once baby is bored / restless they have lots to keep them occupied.


  1. Bear in mind that you have to be flexible and things won’t always go to plan. You will probably have to stop over at completely different times than planned for. Children always need a run about at the most inappropriate times!

Photo by Hiral Jethwa

  1. Put the sun shades on the window, even in England we do sometimes see sunshine!


  1. Have the food bag in reach, nothing worse than having an angry baby on board. We have found snack cups have been fantastic when travelling with young children. When travelling down to Devon on holiday recently, we used our Vital ‘No more mess trap-a-snack pots‘ so the girls could eat away without dropping it everywhere!

Vital do a great range of products for when you are on the go with little ones! We also take our non-spill cups everywhere with us as they are perfect when being thrown around the back of the car!!



  1. Check with your accommodation what baby items they have available. Many places accommodate well for babies and will provide travel cots, sterilisers, changing mats etc. It is much easier to have these already set up for your arrival than digging them out of the car.


  1. Keep safety in mind, if you need to pull over then it is safer for everyone, especially if the little one is screaming which can cause distractions.


  1. Enjoy the road trip and making memories 🙂

**The products in this article were gifted for the purpose of this article but all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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