How to Pack for Your Holiday


Let’s get Packing!

We all know that last-minute holiday panic that consists of ten bikinis, eight pairs of shoes and enough going-out outfits to last you a month versus one, modest-sized suitcase. But although many of us would love to skip through customs with nothing more than a good book weighing us down, travelling light is harder than it looks, well it is for me anyway!

Packing your bag for a holiday, can be a real chore and I hate it.  And then to make matters worse, there is packing for others, such as children and partners and you can soon be tearing your hair out in frustration.


Trying to balance looking great in the sun with choosing items that only we really need and still getting them all into the case without squashing and creasing anything. Let alone worrying about what you have forgotten, how you are going to fit  in the nappies, formula, toys within your baggage allowance is only the start of it…


8 Top Tips

Read our 8 top tips to make packing stress free.


  • When travelling with children, do an online Boots order and arrange to pick everything up airside. Nappies, drinks and snacks, then they don’t count in your baggage allowance!


  • Roll, roll, roll – roll your clothes up when you pack them, it saves so much space and reduces the creases.
  • Use large sandwich bags for the children’s clothes. Pack a full outfit in each bag for each child. Label the bag with their name. Each bag contains clothes, socks and pants. In the morning they grab a bag and go.


  • Use the buggy bag to store all those extra bulky, heavy things you need to take such as nappies, blankets etc. Just think how much you could fit into this Out ‘n’ About bag!! The same goes for car seats. Box them up rather than put them in a bag and pack the box full.
  • If your children are over 2, make sure they have a bag or a Trunki each with all their own toys in. A benefit with Trunki’s is the children can sit on them, or pull them. Saves you carrying another bag.
  • Split everyone’s clothes up between all suitcases, that way even if one gets lost you’ve all got something to wear. This does happen!


  • Bring spare clothes for each person in hand luggage, especially the children. That way if bags go missing or you have spillages, vomiting or leaking nappies on route, you are prepared.


  • Oh and one last thing – make a list and just tick as you go. Or alternatively, just use ours! CLICK HERE

So… Get packing and have an amazing holiday – Where are you off to?! If you would like some advice on surviving a flight, then we have just the thing HERE!


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** Children’s co-ordinating outfits sponsored by Frugi.

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  1. Great article and especially love the tip re the order from boots and pick up airside!- would have made our lives so much easier when our children were younger!

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