The Holiday Packing List

Don’t Forget Your PJ’s!

Have you finally got that holiday booked? Are you super excited to have some down time with the family, away from the rush of everyday life? Maybe it’s now only a few weeks away and you have started to think about what you need to pack? For a lady who loves a list, a holiday list is one list I haven’t saved, can you believe it – I love a holiday too. So it was about time I got that list written to share with all of you family travellers!  My holiday list is full of all the holiday essentials. I have tried to think of everything BUT  if I have forgotten anything, please comment and I will get it added!


Clothes for the Adults

His   Hers  
T-shirts Dresses
Shirts Skirts
Jumpers Shorts
Shorts T-Shirts
Jeans Tops
Trousers Beach dresses
Swimming shorts Sarongs
Pants Swimwear
Socks Cardigans
Ties Coat
Jacket Bras
Coat Knickers
Shoes Socks
Trainers PJs
Flip-flops Dressing Gown
PJs Shoes
Dressing Gown Trainers
Belt Flip-flops


Clothes for the Children

Boys   Girls  
T-shirts Dresses
Shirts Skirts
Jumpers Shorts
Shorts T-Shirts
Jeans Tops
Trousers Beach dresses
Swimming shorts Swim Towels
Swim towels Swimwear
Socks Cardigans
PJs Coat
Coat Shoes
Shoes Trainers
Trainers Crocs
Crocs Sun hats
Sun hat




For the Adults   For the Children
Phone & Charger Kindle & Charger
Kindle & Charger Monitors
Travel Wash Music Projector
Wash Kit Bedding
Razors Travel Cutlers

body wash

Tissues Night Lights
Nail files/Scissors Swimming Float
Toothbrush/toothpaste Travel High Chairs
Deodrant Bibs
Hair stuff Dummies
Make up & wipes UV pop up tent
Camera and Charger Muslins
Head phones Swimming Nappies
Travel adaptors Sheet for playing on
Sunglasses Reins
Suncream Plastic Bags/food bags
Black out blind
Bath thermometer
Swimming toys
Hair stuff
Head Phones


First Aid Kit

Teething gel/meds
Anticeptic wipes
Ryhydretion Tablets/sachets
Insect repellent and cream



Hand Luggage

For twins under 2, I would recommend you, the adult, take two almost identical bags as hand luggage for the reason that you can’t sit in the same row as your other adult with twin 2. You can sit on either side of the aisle, or behind each other but not directly each other. The reason for this is due to infant air masks. You can have different toys – Share them out but you will both need the following.

For the Babies/Children
Nappies Blankets
Wipes Snacks
Changing Mat Breakfast/lunch/dinner – pouches/sandwiches
Nappy Cream Change of clothes potentially for all of you!
Snacks Dummies
Breakfast/Dinner/Supper Teddy
Sky Baby Travel Mattress Bottles/Formula
Baby spoons Steralizing tablets
Dummy Clip Calpol


Hand Luggage to share – Toys

Click this link for the ‘Travelling with Twins Survival Guide!’ A full list of toys to take is in here.



Buggy Bag
Buggy Sun Shade
Car Seats


Have a wonderful holiday and happy travelling!


If you have a holiday you can highly recommend with children, we would love to hear about it!

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