The Ultimate Newborn Kit List

It’s only a matter of weeks before you will be wrapped up in 10 tiny fingers, and 10 tiny toes enters the world (or 20 for twins, and 30 for triplets!). I remember thinking what do I need to get for these little people, where do I start. It can be mind-boggling scrawling through the internet not really know what you need. Well, that’s why Popitha is here to help!


Below is a list to help all of those parents see what we bought for our twins. I’m not embarrassed to say that we bought a lot/most things second hard. They move through things so fast but equally we used everything we had. We went to Baby sales, NCT sales, looked on local Facebook pages and twin Facebook pages. Most of the girls clothes are from other twin mums and I can’t tell you how many complements we get! When I tell them that a dress that should have cost me £40, cost me £10 for 2 dress, they are amazed! But for this reason, we have a lot of dresses!

So here we go, what you have been waiting for – The ultimate list!!


Baby Grows & Outfits We lived in baby grows more than outfits. It’s nice to have a couple of other things but seriously you don’t need them and this is coming from some who loves clothes and learnt the hard way – they just don’t get worn.

Some parents dress their twins in matching outfits and some don’t. We either make the match or co-ordinate.

Vests Vests get pooed on regularly in the early days. I would recommend around 10 per baby at this stage.
Scratch mits We didn’t use these but had them in case we did.
Booties These were great over the winter months.



Moses baskets We had one each for the girls – we gave them sleep and snuggle time together during the day but separate at night.
Moses baskets sheets
Jojo Maman Baby Sleeping bags Highly recommended. These have sleeves so they are safe are available from 9lb upwards.
Cellular Blankets
Knitted Blankets
Muslins We used these for when the babies were sick, but also wrapped around the mattress in the moses baskets so if they were sick, you don’t have to change everything.


They were also useful to put over things to lie the girls on.

Ewan the sheep We got one each for the girls and played the lullaby every time we put them down for a nap. This indicated sleep and we never had to rock them to sleep – they always self-settled.
Monitor We had one base unit and two cameras – each pointing at a baby. We chose the video monitor and I would highly recommend them for the reason that you can see them, know they are safe and not always need to go into them unnecessarily.



Perfect Prep Machine I breast fed for the first month and then bottle fed. Having to do 12-14 bottles a day, I really couldn’t have lived without this! It is a definite must.
Bottles & Bottle Brush We bought enough bottles to get us through the day so were only washing 1 load up and not having to do it several times.
Milk We went for Aptimal. This worked really well for the girls.
Infacol This helps with wind.

prep machine


Bean Bags You can get baby bean bags with harnesses for babies –
Black and white mobile When babies are very young they only see in black and white so these type of toys really capture them.
Swinging Chair
Play mats


Changing Time

Changing Mat
Nappies We bought size 0 and 1 to start as we didn’t know how big the girls would be.
Cotton Wool We used cotton wool for 4-6 weeks before moving onto wipes.
Nappy Cream We started with Sudacrem, but then moved to Bepanthen as we found it gentler in the babies.
Changing unit So much easier than always bening down – we still use it!


Bath Time

Baby Bath
Baby Support
Bath thermometer
Bath Towels Cuddledry towels are good to start with as they have a little popper to hold them on. We then moved on to Morrck Splasha Towels.


Getting Out

Car seats & inserts
Morrck Blankets for car seats An absolute must – no more fiddling about with coats or snowsuits. They also do a lightweight summer version.
Buggy I feel that a buggy is a very personal thing so my best advice would be to go and try some. They all feel different to drive, work in different ways so you really do have to see for yourself.

What did I go for?! I went for the iCandy. Loved it, and still use it today alongside my Out and About. It just depends where I am going and what I am doing.


Carriers We used a Twingo carrier for the twins until they got too heave and then moved onto back packs.


Also, I forgot to add these to the list…  the double breast pump, feeding tops and bras and breast pads – All absolutely vital!



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