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Hi, I'm Anna, a travel loving mummy to 3 year old twins Poppy and Tabitha and their 9 month old sister Matilda and wife to Tristan. Together we are known as Popitha.

A primary deputy head and teacher by profession with a love for travel. Often found travel dreaming with a glass of wine and planning the next family holiday. A passion for long haul travel having explored over 30 countries including the USA, Sri Lanka, Maldives, India, South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, the Caribbean prior to children, I am now so excited to share new experiences with them. In 2012 I cycled from Nairobi to Mombasa in Kenya – it was the most amazing and inspiring trip I have ever been on.


As a family we love to go on holidays and adventures. I don't pretend to be a hard core traveller and I won't tell you I have back packed around the world, we are just a normal family, enjoying family holidays together, inspiring others to do the same.

We started going on family holidays when the twins were weeks old. In fact, at just 10 weeks we found ourselves in a beautiful old hunting lodge in Oxford whilst the twins filmed for Bridget Jones Baby – not many people can say they have done that!

As soon as the twins turned 1 we started going abroad. Initially we took the grandparents (something I would highly recommend!) but now we are ready to go at it alone and start showing them the world.

I believe children are never too young to travel and the world is just one big playground for them. We love to give anything a go from glamping, cottages and hotels to villas, safari tents and treetop cabins.

We have 18 months before the twins start school so we have a bucket list of places to visit before then including Italy, Kenya, South Africa, Borneo, Singapore, Thailand, Holland, and more adventures in the UK.

Popitha, is a family travel blog which aims to inspire and encourage families with twins, multiples and younger children to make memories together. Ok, so it's not always easy, but totally doable and we are here to do it together.

A little about the rest of the family


Tristan – the man/pack horse of the family

Often found in the garden, or fixing something of the girls, this man is my rock and I really couldn't hold things together without him. Lover of holidays but often telling me to reign in my ideas as his holiday allowance has run out!

Tabitha & Poppy

The Twins - Tabitha & Poppy 

Tabitha, the first one out naturally with all the pain relief possible! Tabitha is always singing and dancing, a real little performer and defiantly the bossy twin who likes her own way – I wonder who she gets that from!

Poppy, a slightly more dramatic birth having been rushed into theatre for an emergency c-section. We don't do things by halves! Poppy is the quieter of the two who loves stories and looking at books, but give her a pair of ballet shoes, and she is away!


Matilda – the wild child

At 9 months old, she is the happy one of the family. Laughing and smiling her way through life but my she is going to be trouble!

Please do get in touch with us if you have any travel questions, or if you are a brand interested in working with us

The family
The girls
Newborn twins
Tabitha & Poppy
Toddling twins
Twins filming
Poppy and Tabitha on the beach
Baby twins
Twins, Mum and Dad
Travelling with twins
The girls

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