Camping with Twins – Part One

Mother of twins doing yoga

Do you love the idea of sleeping under the stars and making summer memories whilst camping? Or does the thought of taking the little people camping completely terrify you? People said … Read More

The School Run with Twins

American school bus

I’ve always admired the mums who do the school run perfectly turned out, hair styled nicely, makeup that doesn’t look like it was put on by a 2 year old, … Read More

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep

Baby sleeping

A short while ago I mentioned to you, my readers, that I had been chatting to the sleep consultant, Charmian Mead and we were given the opportunity to ask her some … Read More

Why We Sold Our Twins Story

twins in the daily mail telling their story of their film work

Some of you may remember The Popitha Twins article in the Daily Mail about their film work fairly recently. It was a lady called Amanda from Mummy2twindividuals who put us … Read More

Flying With A Baby

mum and dad on an airplane with a baby

Flying with a baby- Everything you need to know! I have learned a lot in my first year as a mum! Most new parents quickly come to terms with everyday … Read More