About Me; About Us

I’m Anna, a thirty something twin mummy to my 21 month old gorgeous twin girls, Tabitha and Poppy. Whom despite having a watertight plan, entered the world by two different modes of transport – I can honesty say I have reviewed birth! We live with my doting husband Tristan and little dog Flicka in the Essex countryside – Essex countryside I hear some of you say!

I met my husband, my world, in 2012. Well actually, no I didn’t. I’d known him years. His mother was my dance teacher for 10 years. I’d looked after his cousin’s children when I was 18, and we were Young Farmers together from 15, so we were really old friends. But with divorces behind us both, fate brought us together. He was and is my rock. We married in 2014. I was 33. It felt right and we were both desperate for children and then boom – twins!

Having been a primary school teacher, and a deputy head in both Essex and Norfolk for 14 years, my time had come to stop looking after everyone else’s children and bring up my own. It was now time to be a full time mummy. You would think my career would have made me a fully qualified mother too – NO, nothing, nothing prepares you for being a mother!

With a passion for travel, this was one thing we wanted to continue and have continued since the twins. Kenya has to be the most beautiful place in the world – I have such a desire to travel this continent more one day – truly and utterly amazing. We also love wine – the children love to whine and we love to drink wine!

It’s all about the blog…
So why now? Why after 21 months have I decided to do this? It’s taken me until now to find my feet, emerge from the fog, you know the sayings! I feel I can really reflect on times past; give real advice, but also create a lasting virtual memory box of keep sakes for the girls.

I will be dedicating Fridays to ‘Flashback Fridays!’. Here I will bring back the embarrassing, the cute and the ugly photos and thoughts. It’s interesting when I think about it now and how it was then. Let’s just say, I see things differently now, but you will just have to read all about that!!

So this is me, and this is us.

Follow and enjoy our journey of life and adventures!

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