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Nomi Highchair by Evomove – Review

How would you describe your ideal highchair? Would it be stylish? How about unique? Would it be light, safe and practical? How any long lasting – wouldn’t it be great if you could find one that took newborns up to 13 years old. Seriously, how amazing would that be! Well I’ll let you into a… Continue reading Nomi Highchair by Evomove – Review

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No, Don’t Do That…

Why are toddlers so challenging?   'No, don’t climb on the sofa, it’s dangerous.' 'No, don’t tip your drink all over the floor.' 'No, put it back, that’s mummy’s.' 'No,don’t throw your food on the floor, eat it.' 'Get off your sister, your hurting her.'   Do this sound familiar? Do you have a toddler… Continue reading No, Don’t Do That…

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Bibetta Photoshoot

It had finally arrived - photoshoot day for Bibetta. We love Bibetta products and have been huge fans for a while, especially as they support TAMBA (Twins and Multiple Birth Association). Bibetta have their own draw in our house. We have bibs, changing mats, place mats, dribble bibs - almost the whole collection. Just the… Continue reading Bibetta Photoshoot

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Maileg Bunny from One Hundred Toys -Review

'Popitha' love good quality toys and these certainly don't disappoint. Every little pair of arms loves to be wrapped around a soft toy, my two especially. Over the last month they have really become attached to their cuddly toys and Tabitha will demand she has at least 6 in her cot every night! Our soft… Continue reading Maileg Bunny from One Hundred Toys -Review

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5 ‘MUST HAVE’ Products for Newborns – Twins, triplets and singletons

These products are recommended by me for any newborn, not just twins!   Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine Having to make a least 12-14 bottles a day, I think most parents of twins will agree that this has to be the best piece of equipment you will buy. At 3am, pressing a button is the… Continue reading 5 ‘MUST HAVE’ Products for Newborns – Twins, triplets and singletons

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The Hospital Bag for Twins – or Half for One!

This is known as a practical read, rather than a fun one but I hope some of you expectant mummies find it helpful. It is written with premature twins in mind and a good few days in hospital but for those of you having one, adjust as you feel necessary. Right, I will get straight… Continue reading The Hospital Bag for Twins – or Half for One!

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Dreambox, Toy Boxes – Review

A Personalised Toy Box that Oozes Style! Boy do we have toys, and yes, two of most things – how did you guess! I know they need to learn to share and we will work on that but for the time being I’m all up for keeping the peace! Our house is a decent size… Continue reading Dreambox, Toy Boxes – Review

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The Day the Twins Arrived

15th August 2015 – One of the longest, and most exciting days of my life! An Early start   1.30 am Off to the loo AGAIN. No one told me about this, it’s all I seem to do – every blooming hour. Hang on, I’m not weeing, I’m sitting here with what seems like wee… Continue reading The Day the Twins Arrived


Morrck Splasha Towels – Review

And so with our bags pack, and lots of them, we couldn’t wait to go. A weeks holiday in Cornwall, home of the surf – not sure we will be surfing this time around though! The girls, now 23 months old, seemed ready to ‘go play’ and ‘run free’ on beaches! Digging holes in the… Continue reading Morrck Splasha Towels – Review