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Are They Twins?

Are they twins….? How many times have you been asked that? I certainly wasn’t prepared for the amount of attention I was going to get for having twins. From the minute you step out of the car and start setting up the double pushchair you start to get people coming …
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Twin Pregnancy Questions

I remember clearly what is it like to find out your expecting twins! Sheer panic and then 101 questions. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for and I was massively apprehensive, but luckily I had a close friend who had had identical twin boys a few …
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Tips for Parents Expecting Twins!

For Twin Parents, By Twin Parents I have received quite a few emails recently from readers that are expecting twins asking for any tips to help them once their twins arrive. Firstly, congratulations to you all – this will be a very exciting time but you will also be full …
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Amy’s Attic – Nanchen Doll Review

Dolls…. Put your hand up if you have dolls at home. Put your hand up if you have a baby that you know, in just a few months will adore dolls. Well that’s us. Two, two year olds who love their dolls. I don’t know if you find this but …
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Spilly Spoons – Making Medicine Fun

It’s getting to that awful time of year again where bugs circulate like wild fire. Week after week we will have children coughing and splattering in our faces, green snot dribbles down from their nose into their mouths and we will start reaching out to the medicine cupboard. I am …
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The Hospital Bag for Twins

This is known as a practical read, rather than a fun one but I hope some of you expectant mummies find it helpful. It is written with premature twins in mind and a good few days in hospital but for those of you having one, adjust as you feel necessary. …