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Bing Bunny Gift Ideas

You probably all know by now that Bing Bunny is a big favourite in Popitha’s house. It is the one character that keeps the girls engaged and entertained the longest. The girls couldn’t believe their eyes when Bing Bunny himself sent us some Christmas Bingspiration gifts earlier this month. They arrived …
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Orchard Toys – Animal Shapes Game Review

The development of toddlers fascinates me. You would think I should know what they can achieve having worked in education for over 15 years, but no, the girls amaze me daily. Every day is a new learning day where I see new little sparkles of achievement glittering! Constant problem solving, …
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Amy’s Attic – Nanchen Doll Review

Dolls…. Put your hand up if you have dolls at home. Put your hand up if you have a baby that you know, in just a few months will adore dolls. Well that’s us. Two, two year olds who love their dolls. I don’t know if you find this but …
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Surviving a Flight with Twins Under 2

Do we or don’t we? Should we, or shouldn’t we? We were in desperate need of a holiday but asked ourselves these questions time and time again. But with the twins still under 2, we thought it was a good time to try our first holiday abroad whilst we didn’t …