Why I Want to Take My Twins to Kenya

lion shaking off flies in Kenya

There are some things in life that will stay with you forever, little treasures, memories, and all because you got to experience something magical.

leopard staring

Kenya’s striking backdrop provides for Africa’s most classic safari adventures and the Great Migration in the Maasai Mara is just breath-taking. Hearing the sounds of elephants trumpeting, whilst tucked beneath your safari tent, under a canopy of stars, and listening to a lion roar across the savanna is a once in a lifetime dream. Kenya has everything, it is why I love it, it is why I want to take my children.

I have been travelling to Kenya for the last 15 years and have made many visits and lifelong friends in that time. I think we can safely say that I am mad about Kenya. Touching down on the runway in Nairobi, always gives me goose bumps. Every time I feel like I have arrived back at my second home.

the writer in kenya over looking the great migration

I haven’t been to Kenya since my last trip in 2012, when I went on the most amazing cycling safari from Nairobi to Mombasa. 300km across this untouched, magical land, we saw nothing but the rich red soil and wildlife for days. I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life and ever since the day I landed back in the UK, I have craved to go back. But since having the girls, we felt we needed to wait a few years but as the possibilities of this gets closer and closer to being on the cards, sparks of excitement start to fly – My children will visit Kenya!

4 ladies cycling through kenya with maasai warriors by their side

So why do I want to take my Children to Kenya?

Here are 5 reasons why….



The girls adore animals and going on safari is so much fun and a must for anyone visiting Kenya. Animals roaming freely, and watching these amazing creatures up close, all from the back of your jeep, it is about as close to nature as you can hope to be. From the flamingos on the shores of some of Kenya’s great lakes to the big 5 – lions, leopard, elephants, buffalo, and rhino. I have seen them all.

The Great Migration – Masaai Mara

The migration is the most spectacular sight you will ever see. Two million wildebeest, and their accompanying escort of zebra, antelope and predators migrate in search of water and greener pastures between the Serengeti and the Mara.  The Maasai Mara remains Kenya’s most famous reserve thanks to the sheer brilliance of its game viewing. the great migration in Kenya. Wildebeast trying to cross the Mara river in to Tanzania

Kenyan People & Lifestyle

Meeting the locals is often a highlight of my trip. I have many memories sat around the campfire laughing and listening to stories of how the Maasai live. The Maasai model striking attire, are probably the best known tribe in Kenya. As a visitor, can go to a traditional village in many areas of Kenya, where they will be welcomed and invited in to meet and learn about the people living there. Kenyans are proud of their country and culture.

African tribes dancing together

Beautiful Beaches

Kenya’s coast is unlike anywhere else in the country, and it’s not just the gorgeous white sand beaches. It ranges from quaint little fishing villages with hardly any cars to be seen, to thriving tourist areas like Mombasa with every amenity for party animals or families. Tall palm trees gently swaying in the cool breeze – it’s just heaven and great for children.

Kenyan beach with a palm tree



Since I made my first trip in 2003, I met a lovely family called the Angells, which is rather fitting. They welcomed us to stay whilst watching a polo match in the north of Kenya and ever since then, we have stayed in touch. Seeing each other as much as possible, watching each other’s families grow and becoming Godparents to on another’s children too. Thank goodness for social media!

It was with the Angells that I did the cycling safari as it is their family business – Activity Safaris. If this is something that inspires you, do get in touch with them and I can assure you, that you would be welcomed with open arms. (and I haven’t been paid to say this!)

Find their link here  – Activity Safaris

Where is your dream holiday destination?


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  1. Love the idea of taking the girls on safari. Seeing as you’re the Kenya expert, I’m going to let you do it first then just steal all your top tips for doing it with twins.

  2. I can’t believe you did that cycle ride – my husband will be so jealous when I tell him! I love this post, it’s a country I don’t know much about but looks absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you take your children!

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