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Learning Through Play

Role play; creative play; learning through play; all fundamental to the growing and developing t18952896_248927455586007_6111242085612760646_noddler. When I was teaching, I used to love resources that brought stories to life and I have been looking for some to play with the girls books. Now 21 months, the girls are ready to start engaging in role play, play that mimics books to develop their language, imaginative play to encourage creativity.


I came across ‘Through Play, We Learn’ on Facebook. The create natural play resources made out of pebbles and wood which encourage all of the above. I instantly fell in love with them.


We were offered the opportunity to review some products and I jumped at the chance. These beautiful sets didn’t disappoint. I received a set of Nursery Rhyme Pebbles, Shape Pebbles, and a role play set for ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  As you can see from the pictures, they look so inviting. Each pebble is hand painted and the attention to detail is amazing. The character pigs and wolf even have little felt ears. They are completely toddler proof!

The Three Little Pigs set comes with the pig and a wolf, each of the three houses the pigs built, and storytelling pebbles. It was great that a mixture of materials were used to play with the girls senses. There were enough pieces to the set that the girls didn’t argue and enjoyed playing together.

18922148_248927522252667_4305762310743435536_n I started by reading a farm book to the girls, discussing the different animals and then moved onto ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  I then brought the characters out and allowed them to play independently. As you can see from the photos, the girls loved them and started acting out the story immediately. I think their expressions are great!






This set of photos demonstrate the girls engaging in nursery rhymes. They enjoyed picking a pebble and singing the rhyme linked!



I would highly recommend this company for resources for children over 18 months.

To purchase and to see the full range, visit

A few other toys in the series;


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  1. How lovely! You could reenact stories using these too. My little one is too old now but these are a lovely idea if I have another child x

  2. How brilliant that pebbles etc are used, my daughter would love these and brilliant for role-play.
    The expressions on your girls’ faces are brilliant x

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