Why We Sold Our Twins Story

twins in the daily mail telling their story of their film work

Some of you may remember The Popitha Twins article in the Daily Mail about their film work fairly recently. It was a lady called Amanda from Mummy2twindividuals who put us in touch with the journalist after she had told her story too. Amanda’s story was very different compared to ours but very special, read on to find out why.


Last year, a journalist posted in my local twins Facebook group looking for stories about multiples and I got in touch. At the time, I wasn’t really sure what she was looking for and to be honest after our initial conversation, I got cold feet and almost backed out. However, six months later, our story has appeared in multiple publication and we’ve earnt some extra cash.

 Picture of mummy with her non identical twins

Here’s why we sold our story


It’s not everyday you get to appear in a national newspaper and have friends messaging to say they just saw you on BBC Breakfast. It was definitely fun to pretend to be famous if only for a day. Each time the story appeared again, I’d get a little buzz buying the magazine and subtly…not so subtly showing random people.

Picture of the Daily Mail with an article abut non identical twins 


Our first feature in national press bagged us £200. Not bad for a 45 minute chat over the phone. We got the same again for the first magazine and the following ones added £50 each time. In total, we made enough to treat ourselves to a mini break and still have a little left over.



I try not to keep too much stuff. I find the longer you hold onto bits and pieces, the more sentimentally attached you get and the harder it is to then bin them. However, I love the fact I now have a little collection of articles to keep for the girls for when they’re older. They’ll be carefully stored away in their baby boxes.



After our years of trying to conceive, the IVF and then Emily’s heart condition, it was emotional to go over our journey again. Retelling our story to multiple people really made me realise how lucky we are. Something that caught me by surprise was the raw tears on reading the story back. In black and white, it was so powerful.

 Picture of non identical twin girls

Infertility awareness

One of the reasons I decided to go ahead with the publications was that I hoped by sharing our story, it would in some way help someone else. Infertility is still a topic that isn’t really discussed. Yet, the more open I’ve been about our struggles, the more I’ve heard about others. Hopefully, by reading how our journey had a happy ending, others will find the strength to keep going on theirs.


Would you like to be famous for a day? Maybe you think that some things should be kept private. We chose to sell our story, would you?


This guest post  was written by Amanda from www.mummy2twindividuals.com

I’m Amanda and I’m the author of Mummy2twindividuals, which is a parenting blog with a focus on raising twins as individuals, family days out and preschool fun. I’m married to Stu who I met at Uni when I was 18 and last year, aged 34, I gave up teaching to become a full time mummy. Our journey to become parents wasn’t an easy one. After years of trying and two rounds of IVF we hit the jackpot with the best buy one get one free ever. Now I am determined not to miss a second of our girls’ childhood. Days are filled with crafting, cooking and reading which I love and look forward to sharing with you.

Picture of mummy with her non identical twins



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  1. I’ve never thought about selling my story. I am quite a private person but I’m happy to provide snippets to journos for quotes etc. I think it’s wonderful to share your story though, especially if it can help and inspire others xx

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