Month: February 2018

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Easter Cards with Messy Me

It only feels like we are just getting over Christmas and now we are talking about the Easter Bunny. I suppose it is hard to ignore when Easter eggs have been on the shelves since Boxing Day! However, with Easter being around the corner, is it means the weather should soon …
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Mummy Hacks – By Mums, For Mums

Since becoming a mummy I have read about many aspects of being a parent. I have taken guidance on pregnancy, child birth, parenting and even cooking – and they still don’t eat it! However, the one ‘go-to guide’ I haven’t found yet is ‘how to survive being a mummy’. During …
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3 Early Signs to Get Potty Ready!

How times seems to fly; Can you believe it, we are at the potty training stage! It only feels like just yesterday that I was learning how to put nappies on the twins in the hospital, and now I’m thinking of saying ‘good riddance’ to them! It has been on …
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Are They Twins?

Are they twins….? How many times have you been asked that? I certainly wasn’t prepared for the amount of attention I was going to get for having twins. From the minute you step out of the car and start setting up the double pushchair you start to get people coming …
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Peppa Pig Visits Marsh Farm

Do You and Your Family Love Peppa Pig and Farms? On one cold and frosty morning, as we read Peppa Pig to the girls tucked up in bed, we surprised them by saying, ‘shall we go and see Peppa Pig today?’ Their little faces said it all! Peppa Pig was …
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Sleep Deprived and Struggling?

Read on to win an adult and child sleep meditation bundle – Come on, let’s get some sleep! No-one warns you when you become a parent do they? About the sleep deprivation. I mean, there is some mild counsel about the new-born stage being “tiring” and the wiser among us …