Month: June 2017

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Tantrums with Two

5 Ways To Handle Twin Toddlers   Are you wondering about ways to handle your toddler tantrums? Tantrums with one or two can be a little challenging at times – Welcome to the tantrums club and I can assure you that there are lots of us in it! Here is …
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8 Ways to Keep your Toddlers Cool in the Summer Heat

Struggling to know what to do in this heat with your toddler? Here are a few ideas to help you through these glorious hot days! Water Play A water table is one of the best ways to keep your toddler cool and entertained. Mine love playing with watering cans, containers …
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Through Play, We Learn – Review

Learning Through Play Role play; creative play; learning through play; all fundamental to the growing and developing toddler. When I was teaching, I used to love resources that brought stories to life and I have been looking for some to play with the girls books. Now 21 months, the girls …
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Tuck n’ Snug – Review

When my twin girls turned 18 months, winter was in full throws. They were both wearing 2.5 tog sleeping bags with a blanket over the top in their cots. I never put this on until I went to bed because they didn’t stay still for long enough for it to stay …